CEF produces and disseminates qualified research outcomes in the field of financial economics. You can find research reports, academic researches published in academic journals, study articles and research data that will be updated regularly in this section.


Liquidity and Equity Returns in Borsa Istanbul

This research report presents various liquidity measures for stocks traded in Borsa Istanbul and investigates the relation between these measures and future equity returns.


Private Sector Debt Instruments

This research report presents an overview of the private debt market in Turkey and investigates the impact of these issues on the equity market.


Equity Return Anomalies in Turkish Markets

This research report examines 15 equity return anomalies documented in international markets in the context of Turkey and focuses on the relation between various firm characteristics and expected stock returns.


A Time-Series Analysis of Optimal Portfolio Weights in Turkey

This research report presents a historical analysis of optimal portfolio weights for four different invesment vehicles in Turkey.


Historical Performance Analysis of Country Equity Indices

This research report investigates the relative performances of various country equity indices using multiple risk metrics and sample periods


Do Mergers and Acqui­sitions Create Econo­mic Value for Turkish Acquirers and Targ­et Firms?

This research report investigates the po­st-transaction stock return performances of Turkish public firms that have exper­ienced a merger or acquisition either as an acquirer or a ta­rget.


Comparat­ive Performance Anal­ysis of Investment Vehicles in Turkey

This research report compares the risk-adjusted performances of various broad and sector-specific BIST equity indices and alternative investments such US dollar, euro, gold and S&P 500 index.