Principles of Finance – High School Students


Principles of Finance – High School Students


2 days


16 - 17 December 2017

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Sabancı Center 4. Levent

Course Tuition: 740 TL + VAT

This is a 2-day education specifically designed for High School Students. Not only you will learn the essential topics in finance, but you will also be informed about your future undergraduate education. There is a long road ahead of you: Undergraduate or possibly a graduate education and a world-wide career.

This 2-day session will commence with present and future value of money operators. Some topics that draw on these operators and will be covered in the sessions will be characteristics and pricing of equities and bonds, the art of portfolio building based on the concept of diversification, valuing a company and payoff and profit functions of several option strategies.

You will learn which financial security to use during specific economic environments. You will learn to allocate your money to several assets with distinct characteristics. You will even have a glimpse at advanced financial securities such as derivatives.

Finally, the session will focus on choices in undergraduate education. Which department to choose and why? How about an education abroad? What is the relative importance of your reference letters, high school grades, and SAT scores? Once you get in to an undergraduate program, what is next? Should you next proceed with graduate studies? How about a career in Finance? You will find answers to all those questions and more.